Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Round-Up & Looking Forward to 2012

Happy Eve to New Year’s Eve! 

This is a first for Torts to Tarts, a recipe round-up for the year featuring the favorite recipes of readers, tasters, and yours truly for 2011.  This has been a big year for Torts to Tarts.  Though not quite a nationally known blog, it has reached more homes this year than ever before.  I am honored so many people have taken time to look at my humble creations (and less than stellar photography).  Thanks so much and it can only keep getting better from here, pinky swear!

Now, on to the favorites, which will be followed by some remarks for the year to come.

Most Popular Recipes Viewed On-line

These recipes, posted in 2011, received the most on-line views:

Most Popular Recipe with Taste-Testers

This recipe was by far the hands-down favorite of taste-testers for 2011.  I originally made this recipe for my officemates.  They loved it.  The second, third, and fourth time I made this recipe, I shipped it out to friends on the East and West Coast, they all loved it (except one coconut disliking friend who shall remain nameless).  As a result of this recipe, I received a marriage proposal and a proclamation of love.  If you are looking for that in 2012, try this recipe (you’re welcome).  The taste-testers favorite recipe of 2011 is:

My Favorite Recipe/Creation

My favorite recipe for 2011, actually has little to do with the recipe itself (which was actually very tasty by the way), and more to do with the technique.  It was time for another office celebration, with cake; it was the hundredth time in a month time span (I may be exaggerating just a bit).  Quite frankly, I assumed everyone might be tired of frosting.  I created this frosting-free cake in celebration of an officemate’s birthday.  This cake was perfect for the warmer summer climate and a step away from the traditional.  I created a layer cake consisting of the most unlike cake technique, in my favorite recipe of 2011:

Exciting Things to Come in 2012

First, I feel the need to make some baking resolutions.  I resolve (that just sounds odd, but I think it is the correct verb form of the noun; I like that resolve sounds complete, like I already know it will be completing this things!)… I resolve to:
(1) take more and better quality photos;
(2) not fail to attempt a recipe just because it looks hard or seems to be very involved; and
(3) bake more.

Second, there are some exciting things to come to the Torts to Tarts blog in 2012.  I am thinking new site design; I mean the busy fork, spoon, and knife background has to go! 

Third, in 2012, I plan to start dedicating more time to my (very small and fledgling) business, Torts to Tarts, LLC.  I currently have the business in name, but I plan to expand in 2012 by taking on more orders and growing my clientele.  Baking is my passion and in growing my business, I do not want it ever to feel like work (just long hours doing what I love!).

I hope you have a safe New Year’s celebration—NO DRINKING AND DRIVING!—and a happy and prosperous 2012.

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  1. OMG, everytime I look at your pictures it makes me hungry!! Business is gonna be BOOMING for you in 2012! :)