Thursday, December 15, 2011

White and Dark Chocolate Cashew Caramel Popcorn

I have not baked since my last post.  Shocking I know.  I talked to a friend this week and she said, “I haven’t seen anything new on your blog in a while, what gives?”  What gives is that I have been extremely busy with Christmas presents (non-food related), work, friends, and oh, did I mention work!

Well, I am also gearing up for a completely all out insane weekend of baking.  I currently have 6 different dessert dishes I plan to make between today (Thursday) and Sunday, with Saturday dedicated to non-baking time with friends.  Bananas, I know!  I figure if I don’t sleep and drink my meals, I can pull it off.  The really crazy part is that I am super excited to take on all these things.

Back to the popcorn at hand-- I wanted to just make something, anything to get into my kitchen.  I decided to tackle caramel popcorn again.  My last attempt came out well, but I wanted to improve.

I used the same Paula Dean caramel popcorn recipe as before.  I reduced the popcorn from 8 quarts to 6 quarts to ensure a more even coating on the popcorn. I also used half granulated sugar and half brown sugar to ensure a nice crisp coating on the popcorn.  I added cashews this time instead of peanuts.  I also do not like to make things twice, so I drizzled the caramel popcorn with white and dark chocolate to change it up a bit.

I think the popcorn came out really well.  The chocolate did not stick well to the caramel popcorn and broke off when I broke the popcorn into manageable pieces to bag it.  It is still tasty, but I wanted the chocolate to stick to the popcorn, not be like chocolate strings in the bag.  Something to work on in the future.  On to my crazy baking weekend!

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