Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You are Never too Old for Cookies

A certain little baker recently had a birthday.  A big birthday!  A birthday that celebrates said bakers last age in a certain decade.  To celebrate such a huge birthday, the little baker planned a birthday dinner at a restaurant where you essential cook your own food in a fondue pot.

The baker and her friends enjoyed the cheese course, quickly followed by delicious salads.  Next came the entrée course with all the raw sides you could imagine and warm spiced broths to cook the food in.  Last came the decadent chocolate course with sweets for all the sweet people in attendance.  At the end of the night the baker wanted to thank all her friends for coming out and presented them two cutely packaged chocolate chip cookies.

The baker thought, what better way to say thank you to friends then to give them something they would enjoy, something they could take home, something that was so authentically from the baker that her friends would immediately know she made it with lots of love.  No matter your age, the baker thought as she wrapped up the cookies, you are never too old for cookies & milk.

A sophisticated adult spin on a classic cookie will never go out of style or disappoint your taste buds.  The baker used her favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, utilizing two different flours, at least 24 hours of resting in the fridge, and expensive imported chocolate.  This cookie was meant to be savored an enjoyed, not scoffed down, and with milk only to wash it down after finishing (no dipping!).

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  1. ya, i inhaled that cookie! i really need to learn how to savor my sweets :)