Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just Because Cookies

In theory going to the doctor’s office should yield a diagnosis and a prescription or at least recommendations to make the pain better.  However, when you go to the doctor’s office leaving with absolutely no answers and in more pain than when you came with, it has not exactly been a successful appointment.

Well, I have been dealing with this arm thing for over a week now.  I broke down and finally went to the doctor because the problem has become an annoyance and an interrupter of my sleep.  After being poked, prodded, and stretched, I left the doctor’s office with a test prescription, no diagnosis, and in significantly more pain then when I went to the doctor.

After coming home from the doctor and taking a nap, I was still not feeling so great. Instead of hiding under my bed and waiting for the search and rescue mission to come and scope me out, I did something that made me happy. I got into my kitchen. I have been planning for a few days to make rice krispies treat candy bars, and though today would be that day, but those do not require me to cut on the oven. So, scratch that. What could I make that I could do with no planning, no preparation, and not very much effort?  Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies.

So, I whipped up these cookies and baked them off in less than an hour.  As they baked, I was wrapped in the delightful smell of butter and vanilla; it was comforting. As I saw the brown, soft, gooey results of my baking, I felt like I did something right.  Then, the thought of sharing the cookies with people who would appreciate them briefly brought a smile to my face.

Though I am still in pain, these just because cookies were definitely the best part of my day.  These were easy to accomplish.  Use your favorite chocolate chip cookie base recipe and then add two to three cups of different kinds of chocolate.  I used dark chocolate morsels, semi-sweet chocolate chunks, and white chocolate chips.  I hope these brightened someone else’s day as much as they did mine!

By the way, I saw my first snow of the winter 2011-2012 season fall over the weekend.  It was beautiful and did not amount to anything at all.

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