Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Happy 100th Birthday Oreo

Today is the 100th Birthday of Milk’s Favorite Cookie!  Can you believe it?  Oreos have been around since 1912!  Think about it, the humble deep chocolate cookie with a sweet frosting-like center has been around through the greatest events of the past 100 years.

After the sugar ration of WWI ended, the American people were able to celebrate with an Oreo Cookie.  In 1963, after Dr. King, Jr.’s historic March on Washington, an Oreo cookie could have been waiting for him back in his hotel room, a depiction of his “I Have a Dream” speech.  When Congress passed the 1965 Voting Rights Act and President Johnson signed the bill into a law, those political heavy-hitters could have celebrated with a big ol’ cold glass of milk, with a side of Oreo Cookies.

In 1969, after his first historic step on the moon, Neil Armstrong could have celebrated with one giant bite of an Oreo Cookie for man, and once huge glass of powdered milk for mankind.  When the 1996 “Magnificent Seven” U.S. Women’s gymnastics team won the first ever Gold Medal for the U.S. in the Women’s Team Competition at the Olympics, those gymnast were too young to celebrate with beer, but they could have been celebrating with Oreo Cookies and Milk.

You see, Oreo Cookies make memories and they make moments special.  Some of my favorite commercials are Oreo commercials when Grandpa and Grandson are dipping Oreo Cookies in milk at the kitchen table.  Another favorite is the “How to Eat an Oreo” commercials, though my favorite way has never been depicted.  I like to open the cookies, clean out all the white filling (then throw the filling away, which is probably why Oreo never featured this method), and then enjoy the cookie plain without milk; I have never been a dipper.

To celebrate their big 100th Birthday, Oreo debuted a limited edition Birthday Cake flavored Oreo cookie.  Upon opening the bag, you are overwhelmed with the smell of birthday cake or cake batter.  The filling of the cookies actually taste like cake!  I do not know how they did it, but it is good!  Take the word of a non-filling lover.

To pay homage to such an American institution, I decided to bake the Birthday Cake Oreos into cookies—Birthday Cake Oreo Cookie Cookies with additional sprinkles, to reflect the celebration and the sprinkles already in the filling.  To make these cookies, take the entire pack of Birthday Cake Oreos (minus the two or three you may have already eaten) and chop them into pieces.  Make your favorite chocolate chip cookie batter, minus the chips.  Stir in the Oreo pieces and about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of sprinkles.  Bake and enjoy!

Tech Update: The computer has not come in yet.  No, it is not taking a long time; I am just impatient.  So, I have uploaded the above pictures and I will be posting the results of my mystery dessert from last week (with the recipe) soon!

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