Tuesday, April 24, 2012

S’mores Krispie Treats

Do you remember the Rice Krispies Treat commercial where the mom made the treats in like two second and then sits on a stool reading a book.  About 1-2 hours later, she hops off the stool sprinkles some flour on her face and comes out the kitchen looking famished, as she serves Rice Krispies Treats to her family.  Yeah, that is what these are.  They literally take very little time and preparation, but they are so tasty that partakers will think you slaved over a hot oven all day.

This recipe is really a non-recipe (to me).  I have made it several times before, but have never blogged about it, as I just did not think anyone out there would be interested.  But now, I have finally decided to blog about these treats because they seem to be an overwhelming crowd favorite, and I have been asked for the recipe by my co-workers on several occasions.

This are the few ingredients you will need; that’s it!  Follow the directions off a standard Rice Krispies Cereal box except exchange Golden Graham Cereal for the rice krispies.  For this sized recipe (a 9x13in pan), I used 1 big box of the Golden Grahams and two bags of mini marshmallows.

After the treats are all mixed up and the heat turned off, throw in a bag of chocolate chips.  Stir quickly until they are just incorporated (and maybe melting a little).  Note- put the chocolate chips in the freezer to slowdown the melting; you want distinguishable chocolate pieces a chocolate covered dessert.  Press the treats into a prepared pan.  I line my pan with parchment for easy removal.

Now that the treats are in the pan, turn on your oven’s broiler.  While the butter was slowly melting at the beginning of the process, I sliced the jumbo roaster-sized marshmallows in half lengthwise and placed them cut side-up on wax paper.  On top of the treats in the pan, place the marshmallows in a line cut side-down.

Place treats into oven to brown under the broiler.  Watch carefully as they will brown quickly.  Remove them when they are browned to your liking.

I place my treats in the fridge to firm up and help set the chocolate really well.  A knife coated with a non-stick spray is best when cutting these very sticky treats apart.

Lastly, you pepper your face with flour and dose yourself with a few capfuls of water before presenting you treats.  Then you lament about how you worked so hard to make this gourmet dessert, and how much you hope everyone likes them.  As the partakers sing your praises, giving you the next week off from work or household responsibilities, only you will know how easy these were…

Shhhh!   It will be our little secret ;-)

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