Saturday, April 07, 2012

Cookies... for Breakfast

What do you get when you combine a beloved dessert/snack with a caffeinated necessity of the masses?  You get a real “get-up and go” cookie, which can easily double as breakfast.

These Java Chip Cookies contain chocolate covered espresso bean pieces baked into chocolate chip cookies.  The best of both worlds!  I mean if you subtract the crunchy texture, butter, sugar, and flour, you have your morning cup-o-joe (with a little chocolate, let’s call it a mocha).  Therefore, I deem these cookies great for morning consumption!

So now you ask, how do I equate cookies to coffee with regards to a serving amount?  First, if you had to ask that question, drink real coffee instead and put the cookie down!  Second, if you read #1, just to get to #2, generally speaking, (without any nutrition/scientist based theory to back it up) 4 cookies equal approximately 1 mug of coffee.  Due to the fact that you expend more energy actually working your jaws in a chewing motion and you will average an additional 8.423 swallows when eating a cookie when compared to drinking coffee, the increased calories are negligible… riiiiiight.

These cookies have the distinct taste of coffee, but not overwhelmingly so.  And do not worry, baking the espresso beans did not give them a bitter taste.  To make these I chopped in my food processor 1.5 cups of chocolate covered espresso beans.  I added these to my standard chocolate chip cookie batter recipe with only about a handful of mini chocolate chips.

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