Monday, October 04, 2010

… And More Sugar Cookies…

The Daring Bakers’ challenge had to posted by the 27th of the month, so I made one batch of cookies for that challenge. Then I had the dubious task of shelling out those cookies to mommy’s and my own co-workers.

One of my bestest (and yes that is a word when it refers to a friend as great as mine) friends loves sugar cookies, specifically iced sugar cookies. But this friend lives over an hour away; so she was not local for the first cookie dispatch.

Therefore, I had to make fresh cookies just for her one week later, when I knew I would see her.

So, these cookies are just because, just for J, and decorated in no particular way.

This time around I really wanted to try the icing-in-icing (flood-in-flood) technique. After doing just one, I fell in love with the design and all of my cookies ended up with this technique.

I had fun decorating these and I got the biggest compliment from J.

She said they were too pretty to eat, paused for a second, and then demolished the cookie artwork :-D

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  1. So pretty! I especially love the round white one with all the different colors!