Friday, August 24, 2012

Blondie Brownies

I have written about Blondies on this blog before, and trying to define what exactly they are, which to remind you—Blondies are much more than chocolatefree brownies.  I have written about Brownies several times before and incorporated them into just about everything—Samoa inspired, Rocky Roaded, Forgotten Valentine, and Remembered Valentine.  I have even incorporated brownies intocookies.  With all these variations on two basic bars, why did it never dawn on me to put the two together?

Blondies and brownies are the perfect marriage, making for a great bar treat.  While they complement each other nicely, placing them together shows their inherent differences.  Blondies bake up like a denser more chewy cake/cookie with the delicious flavor of butter (brown in this case) and brownies bake up like a gooey, chewy chocolate flourless cake.  They work so well together.

I used my normal brownie recipe, with the good chocolate, and my brown butter blondie recipe.  I wanted to keep the two layers separate, so I baked the brownie layer for about 10 minutes before pouring the blondie layer over the top.  Also, I added shredded coconut and almond slices to the blondie layer to add texture.  Flavor wise, the coconut and almonds are milder compared to the chocolate, but they do add a subtle something extra; there texture is a necessary addition to an otherwise chewy, heavy, gooey, bar.

These bars came out well and were well received.  Combining two very successful treats into one was a grand slam, thank you ma’am, slap your momma, some kinda good idea!  (Oh and did I mention the extra chewy edges are the best?  No.  Well, the chewy edges are the best, Best, BEST!!!!)

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