Thursday, February 09, 2012

Sweet Potato Pie in a Jar

This will be a very quick post.  I just wanted to share about one of the many items coming from my kitchen.  I had sweet potato puree that I still needed to use left over from this recipe.  When I made the sweet potato puree, it was to be used for sweet potato pie.  Now that half of the puree was gone, I still wanted to make pie.

I did not feel like dealing with a regular pie crust, nor making one (or two) large pies.  I wanted to be able to taste the fruits of my labor and then give the rest away.  Single serving contains would be best for this.  I decided to bake sweet potato pies in a jar!

The crust is a graham cracker crust.  The sweet potato pie filling is pretty basic- sweet potato puree, condensed milk, evaporated milk, and spices.  Of course, in true Mother of the Baker at Law tradition, there is no recipe for the sweet potato filling.  Correct sweet potato pie filling is based on a look, a feel, and a taste.

About half way through the baking, I placed a mixture of graham crackers crumbs (left over from crust), toasted pecans, and candied ginger on top of each pie and let it brown.  I ended up with 12 pie jars and a porcelain 2-serving bowl full of sweet potato pie.  The single serving jars made it that I could share pie with more people than if I made large pies.  The pies went to 3 church members, 1 family member, and 4 barbers.  

The pie taste great and I am a sucker for a graham cracker crust.  (I may have been known to mix up a graham cracker crust or purchase the pre-made crust and eat it… plain… with no pie filling.  Do not judge me.)  The toasted topping provided a nice crunch for the custard-y pie filling.  I am not a huge fan of sweet potato pie (but I love to bake it), and I ate the 2 serving porcelain bowl by myself.  (Again, don’t judge me!)

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