Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pound Cake Frustration

So, I bought some fantastic strawberries from Trader Joes over the weekend. I forgot to but something to go with the Strawberries however. After two days of strawberries and whipped cream, I wanted something spongey and cake-like to soak up the strawberries juices. Since my class got out extra early tonight, I decided to run to the store to get the little sponge Hostess snack cakes. Well, the Safeway that was closest to my house did not have any. So, I thought I would look for a plain loaf cake or angel food cake in the bakery section. They did not have any. So, next I decided to try the Entenmanns’s baked good section for their pound cake. They had 4 different type of cakes with icing and 6 different types of donuts and donut holes, put no pound cake. So, then I decide to try and look in the frozen dessert section for a Sara Lee pound cake. Finally, there was something in stock, but they wanted 6 dollars for a frozen pound cake! I refused to pay that much. As a last option, I thought what about a cake mix. The last time I bought a cake mix, they were $.89 a box. A cake mix box of pound cake by Better Crocker was priced at $2.89. I was not going to pay that either. So after walking the entire store several times (and did I mention I even though of trying to make a strawberry short cake British style and use crumpets), I left frustrated and no closer to some cakey goodness.
When I first got home, I decide to just forget it. No cake for me. But that is not like me; I do not give up that easy, or more like it, my cravings don’t give up that easy. So, I decided to whip out a pound cake for scratch. So, this strawberry shortcake/pound cake answered that call. Pretty tasty if I say so myself.

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