Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just the Beginning

I know I just started and I am already running behind- No post in 2 weeks- YIKES! I have been baking, but I never thought I would have to sacrifice sleep to stay up and post my new creations. So, here I am 45 minutes past my bedtime and posting two new cookies.

Lemon Cookies (Until I think of a cooler name)
This cookie is pretty basic. Take a sugar cookie recipe and make the following changes: 1 tsp lemon extract instead of vanilla extract and fresh lemon juice from two-three lemons (I use the lemon juice + egg replacer. If you add liquid and eggs, you will need to increase all your ingredients by a smidge or two; yes, a smidge… I do not measure everything).
The real treat to this cookie is the lemon sugar coating. Lemon sugar is the absolute jewel to this recipe. Lemon sugar= Zest of 2-3 Lemons + 1 cup of Sugar. Place these two ingredients in a plastic bag shake and let sit. Before placing the cookies in the oven, roll them in the lemon sugar. Once cooled enjoy the refreshing taste of lemon and the slightly crispy outside created by the sugar.

Andes Mint Chocolate Cookies
I always saw Andes Mint Chip baking pieces in the store, but I never purchased them. Every time I went to the store with a recipe in mind to use these pieces they were sold out. Finally, I bought the pieces about three weeks ago at my local grocery store to keep for a rainy day. I went to the same exact store this weekend to do other shopping. While there I decided to see if they had the Andes chips and they were, not surprisingly, sold out. Luckily I bought some a few weeks ago and for once I had a recipe and the Andes pieces at one time.
These awesomely minty and chocolaty cookies were worth the wait. They are what I will refer to as a light chocolate cookie. In this recipe, I only used cocoa powder, which resulted in a chocolate, but not over powering cookie. I have made other cookies where the recipe called for unsweet chocolate (bars) and semi-chocolate (bars or chips) resulting in a fudge type cookie. Those cookies are great too, but more hearty and appropriate for winter. These cookies, Andes Mint Chocolate Cookies, are a perfect summer chocolate cookie with the refreshing taste of mint.

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