Friday, October 19, 2012

Elevated Fail

There are many desserts and snacks I enjoyed as a child.  As we get older, some of us think 1) it would be cool to make pre-packaged desserts at home and 2) that elevating the homemade version with more “quality” ingredients is necessary.  Usually, this is the recipe for an epic homemade dessert… Usually.  Sometimes, however, it is the recipe for an epic fail. This is one of those epic fail moments.

While at a local small-town market, I saw wafer sheets.   I was immediately drawn to them because you do not see these in your everyday grocery store.  I held onto the wafer sheets for a while, not really sure what to make with them.  I was considering a play on Vanilla Wafers, but was not sure how to make a filling that would not result in a soggy wafer.

How else could wafers be used?  Then while at the gas station, I saw Little Debbie Nutty Bars and thought I could make these.  Then I had the brilliant idea to elevate them pass some processed treat, filled with ingredients I could not name, to something more natural (I am not going to even try and pretend it is more health).  I exchanged the peanut butter filling with an almond butter and honey filing.  I am not sure what type of coating is on the original, but I used dark chocolate.  In theory, this sounds awesome.

In reality, the almond butter flavor is so much more delicate than the peanut butter that is was not detectable with the dark chocolate.  Also, it is impossible (for me at least) to get the chocolate coating as thin as the original.  Therefore, in the middle of summer, full of 90+ degree-days I made a thick chocolate coating that had the dandiest time setting up.  (I mentioned before I was a little back logged on post… This was made in August.)

Overall, this was a good in theory treat, but not so satisfying in execution.  Sometimes, the original should not be tampered with.  When an original is delightfully, sinfully delicious, it should just be enjoyed for what it is… A guilty pleasure.  Go out and enjoy a real Nutty Bar, it is worth it.

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