Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Bridal Shower Tea Party Cookies

If you are keeping count, this is now the third wedding I am mentioning on my blog within a couple of months.  It is an extremely heavy wedding time of year, well life really, and I could not be more excited for all the lovely Brides and Grooms out there.

A wonderful lady at my job, CAE, is helping to plan a bridal shower for her niece, a fashionista bride from New York.  Her Bridal Shower will be a tea party for 25-30 of her closest female friends and family.  After seeing other wedding and tea party related cookie posts, CAE asked me if I could make engagement ring and tea pot/cup cookies as favors for the shower.

I agreed without hesitation.  CAE asked for 80 cookies- 40 engagement rings, 20 tea cups, and 20 tea pots in the teal, purple, and silver color scheme.  This amount and combination seemed very doable.  I have been asked to complete larger orders in the past and had to graciously turn them down because I did not think I could handle an order of over 100 cookies (without taking time off from my day job).

I started these cookies on Saturday and I quickly realized just how big of an order I took on.  It took me 6 hours to make all the dough, roll it out, and bake the cookies.  I made and colored all the icing and background iced/flooded the cookies on Sunday and that took me nearly 9 hours.  I did the detailed work on Monday and it took me another 5 hours.  Lastly, I packaged them up on Tuesday in about 2-3 hours.

By the end of the week, I was sleep deprived from the late nights of decorating and early mornings going into the office; and I was sore from sitting on a hard wooden stool from which I hunched over the counter for hours on end.  But, I couldn’t be happier.  Even with all the hours logged, it just did not feel like work.  It was something I enjoyed, something I loved to do.

I am honored the CAE asked me to make favors in celebration of her niece’s bridal shower.  I can only hope, and I do believe, that I met her expectations.  I hope that CAE’s niece, sister, and guests will love the cookies and ENJOY their taste, just as much as they enjoy the look.

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  1. How cute bridal shower tea party cookies! I loved them a lot. Pretty soon I am also going to host such a cute fairy themed bridal shower for my cousin. Have already booked event space in Chicago and rest of the arrangements will be done by the venue staff. Hoping for the best.