Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Engagement Cookies

** Two notes to start: 1) This is a VERY picture heavy post & 2) This post is about baking plus.  If it get too mushy for you, just stop reading and enjoy the pictures.**

I have a friend, a very special friend, Jay, who just recently was proposed to by an equally special young man, Bee.  I have known Jay since 6th grade, more than half my life.  Jay is not just like family; she is family.

When Jay & Bee started planning their wedding, I had the idea of doing decorated sugar cookies as favors/place cards.  Jay has always been a fan of icing and sugar cookies.  I thought it would be perfect and I was willing to take on the responsibility (even though I am work more than 40 hours a week, spend no less than four evening a week in the gym, and have MOH responsibilities).

But, Jay would not let me take on that responsibility.  See that is the awesome thing about Jay, she looks out for you, even when you willingly volunteer to bury yourself in a cookie hole even when you are not looking out for yourself.

So, the favor idea was out… for now…  But, I still wanted to do something special to celebrate Jay and Bee’s engagement.  That is when I thought, I would make Jay (and Bee, if Jay is willing to share) engagement cookies to say congratulations.

I wanted to spend time making these cookies, dedicating a week to their completion (and probably a month to obtaining the cookie cutters, planning, and anticipation) just so they could be a perfect expression of my joy and happiness for the couple.

Monday: I made the dough, rolled it out, chilled it, and baked it.

Tuesday: I was supposed to out-line the cookies, but was a little worn-out after the earthquake evacuation that day.  Nothing was accomplished this day.

Wednesday: I made the royal icing, outlined the cookies, and did all the background flooding.

Thursday: I painted the rings with edible silver paint; luster dusted the diamond part of the ring; and did the detailed work on the hearts.

Friday: I packed up the cookies and delivered them, actually Jay picked them up, Friday night.

The cookies were a total surprise.  (Sometimes I find it hard to keep my mouth shut when it comes to surprises.  I love making people happy with the perfect gift and the anticipation kills me!  I have been known in the past to get two gifts for folks, the first gift to lessen my anticipation for the perfect gift to follow.)  I incorporated the ring, a very important milestone in their engagement, which was the initial design I was the most excited about.

I also incorporated her wedding colors: teal, brown (bronze), ivory, and silver.  Upon completion, the heart with the embroidery flower technique was by far my favorite.

Jay and Bee loved the cookies and that is was truly matters most.

I am so blessed to be involved in the wedding of my dear friend; I am happily gaining a future “brother-in-law” who loves the Lord and makes Jay super happy; and I look forward to some future Godchildren!


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